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Lucapa - Type IIA Diamonds

Lucapa Diamond

Scheduled for early 2018, the lucapa diamond sale will be occurring very soon. With the discovery of the exceptional 129 carat lucapa diamond from the lulo mines in November of 2017, it was announced that the lucapa diamond sale would commence in early 2018. This groundbreaking event will be conducted by Australia’s Lucapa Diamond Co. and it’s Angolan Partners, Endiama and Rosas and Petalas. In order to maximize profits, the lucapa diamond sale will occur towards the beginning of the year, instead of towards the end of the year, when the demand is not as high. The reason why the demand is so high during the beginning of the year is because most diamond manufacturers are looking to refill their merchandise that they sold out of during the holidays. The 129 carat lucapa diamond is exquisite, with over 100 carats, it is a D-color, type IIa rough diamond. Along with the 129 carat diamond, a 78 carat rough diamond will also be up for sale during the sale, which is also a D-color and type IIa diamond. The lucapa diamond sale will include a total of 2,160 carats of gorgeous and pure rough diamonds.

What are IIa diamonds?

IIa diamonds are extremely prized and coveted, and are known to be the most valued and purest diamonds out there, with almost no impurities at all. Out of all the diamonds in the world, only 1-2% are IIa diamonds. IIa diamonds are extremely rare, and contain almost no nitrogen. Usually colorless, IIa diamonds can also be colored, and include shades of brown, pink, purple, yellow, red, or blue. Due to their exceptional high-quality and rarity, IIa diamonds sell for a 5-15% premium over regular mined diamonds. The highly-anticipated lucapa diamond sale will include the exquisite 129 carat diamond which is a type IIa diamond.

(Image courtesy of Lucapa Diamond.)

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