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DTC Sightholder

What Is A DTC Sightholder?

Directly associated with the diamond powerhouse, De Beers Company, DTC Sightholders are essentially the direct clients of De Beers. DTC Sightholders must go through a strict initiation process, comply with De Beers BPPs, and achieve a satisfactory score on the required CPQ test in order to qualify. In DTC Sightholder, the first three letters, DTC, stand for diamond trading company, which is the distribution and sales division of the De Beers Company. The word Sightholder refers to the companies that buy from the diamond mines owned by the De Beers Company.

Today, there are many DTC Sightholders that exist, and one of the leading DTC Sightholders is the Belgium Branch ‘Pinkusewitz Diamonds’. Known for selling the highest quality diamonds in the world, De Beers Company offers up an amazing opportunity to all of their DTC Sightholders, and DTC Sightholders are also quite helpful to the De Beers Company, as they are responsible for the bulk of the company’s sales.

There are many avenues in which DTC Sightholders are able to purchase qualified De Beers Diamonds, but one of the most popular ways is through direct selling events that are held in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. Every five weeks, a selling event, orchestrated by De Beers Company, takes place. And, this is where DTC Sightholders are able to pick and choose their favorite rough diamond merchandise, using careful inspection and deliberation processes. The main purpose for these events is for DTC Sightholders to be able to view, touch, and inspect the rough diamonds in person, before ever purchasing.

In order to become a DTC Sightholder, also known as De Beers client, certain requirements must be met. These requirements include assessment, which includes potential sightholders signing a contract proposal questionnaire (CPQ), an application process, which includes potential sightholders submitting an application detailing the types of rough diamonds that they intend to purchase, and finally, availability, which includes the De Beers Company ensuring that the rough diamonds that are requested by the potential sightholders are readily available

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