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A huge 477 Carat diamond was found In Sierra Leone

A huge 477 Carat diamond was found In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is widely known for its diamond mines, and recently miners have discovered a large 476.7-carat diamond. The huge diamond was found by miners working at the Meya mining company in the Kono region.

According to the National Minerals Agency in Sierra Leone, this is the 29th largest diamond ever recovered. However, a more specific value wasn’t attached to the diamond, as some additional work is required to identify that. But still, this goes to show the true value of diamonds in Sierra Leone and how important this region is for diamond mining.

This is not the first huge diamond discovery in the region. A few years ago, minerals also discovered two diamonds with around 27.93 and 19.70 carats each. Sure, not as magnificent as the 477 Carat one, but still very impressive.

While the fate of this diamond isn’t entirely known, what we do know is that Meya Mining is allowed to export the diamond and it may end up being sold at an international auction.

One thing to note is that this is not the largest diamond unearthed in Sierra Leon, as a 709 carat one was found in March. These findings go to show the true appeal of the region for diamond mining. The 209-carat diamond is set to be auctioned in December by the Rapaport Group, although there is no price attached to it for the moment.

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