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Certified or Not?

What does it mean when a diamond is certified?

A lot of people may tell you that the best idea is to buy a diamond that’s certified. But what should you know about diamond certification, is this important, and how can you be certain that you purchase solely a certified product? Here are some of the best ideas that you need to keep in mind!

Usually, when you think about diamond purchases, you think about

carat, color, clarity and cut. But many times, you will need to make sure that the diamond is certified aside from having those characteristics. You see, not all diamonds have all those characteristics, so you need to be certain that a dedicated certification system has assessed the diamond beforehand.

Not everyone will be able to certify diamonds, in fact, there are only a few select laboratories that have the reputation and means to certify any diamond. These are The Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD), The International Gemological Institute (IGI), The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), The American Gem Society (AGS) and The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)!

What makes these gemological labs great is the fact that they also offer a documentation related to the 4 C’s presented above. They also note If the diamond has any fluorescence, flaws and any other details. When you receive a certified diamond, you will also receive a certificate that comes from one of these laboratories.

Why should you buy a certified diamond? Because only certified diamonds will offer you a peace of mind. You know all about the diamond, and you will have no problem shelling out the money for it. Within the certificate, you get all the necessary information about the stone, and at the same time, it helps you find the best value for your money.

The value of a diamond changes in time, and so will the overall grading. But that being said, a certificate will always help you have a peace of mind when you sell or buy diamonds. You know the exact properties of the stone. And yes, they are an investment, so obviously you want to invest adequately to get the best results.

However, any diamond can be certified by the gemological labs listed above, regardless of its age. You just have to ship it to these labs and wait until they assess it. This a very important thing to take into consideration, and it’s a crucial aspect that pertains to the entire experience.

One thing is certain; diamond certification is important if you want to be 100% sure that you purchase an authentic stone. Make sure that you double check the certificate to see if it comes from one of the 5 gemological labs listed above. Only this way you will know that the stone is indeed original and you stay away from any uncertified items! By purchasing original, certified products, you get to stay away from fakes and other similar problems. All you need is to pay a lot of attention and ask for a certification upon purchasing so you can ease your mind and make the right acquisition as a result!

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