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Best Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

Best Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

When you want to choose a diamond ring for your upcoming engagement, you are most likely inclined to focus on a specific shape. Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse the term “cut” with shape, even if they seem rather similar as notions. The shape refers to the stone’s appearance, whereas the diamond cut is focused mostly on its ability to reflect light! That being said, which are the best diamond cuts you can use for engagement rings? Here are some of the best options to keep in mind!

Round Brilliant

Round Brilliant is a very popular cut, mostly because it has a great light reflection thanks to the standard 58 facets. This cut also shows that you are a person that respects tradition and which are very elegant. It’s a cut focused on brilliance, and it will never be outdated.


The Emerald cut has a glassy table, and step cut facets. This is stellar for showing off diamonds that have a lot of clarity. You will have a lean rectangular shape here that will elongate on your hand. It’s a cut very popular amongst people that have a lot of luxury in their life. It’s not over the top, instead it has a rather modern, unique vibe to it.


What you want to note about the Cushion cut is that it has some softened corners and it also integrates some large facets. It’s a cut great for the larger diamonds. The style is usually vintage, but you can easily add this to a modern setting and bring it to the modern times without any major issues.


This cut was created in 1902, and it’s called the square emerald cut, mostly due to the square shape and the cropped corners. The Asscher cut shows that you appreciate the history and classics, but at the same time you also have a great sense of elegance, and you make the most out of it every time.


The marquise cut is known for the fact that it has a narrow, long shape. These marquise diamonds tend to seem a lot larger than they actually are. If you study it carat for carat, you will note that the marquise cut has the largest crown surface areas when compared to other types of diamonds. It’s great for woman that have longer fingers!


There’s a reason why the Oval cut is very popular, mainly because it has a symmetrical design. It also has elongated shapes. These tend to flatter the hand, and give it a length illusion, even if that may not be the truth for that particular situation. As for what this says about you, the Oval cut shows that you are an elegant person that’s more than ok with being over the top from time to time.


The Pear cut is a cross between the marquise and the oval cut. It has a teardrop shape most of the time, and it’s both flattering and elegant too. It looks extraordinary, and it’s maybe the only shape that makes the stones with a smaller carat look great.

As you can see, there are plenty of diamond cuts to choose from. The idea is to avoid rushing because finding the right diamond cut takes a lot of time. Trial and error is the way to go here because you should see each diamond cut before purchasing. Do that, and you will have a great diamond engagement ring purchase experience!

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