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The Black Diamond

What is a Black Diamond?

Some may find it hard to believe that diamonds do not only come in a single color. Although white diamonds are the ones which are seen most often, whether in engagement rings or in a wide array of other jewelry items, colored diamonds are definitely increasing in popularity these days. One type of diamond which is on the rare side and is being coveted by more and more individuals is the black diamond.

What are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are gemstones which are comprised of several crystals as opposed to the usual single-crystal diamonds. The multiple crystal composition is what gives the type of stone its dark color tone. The mineral inclusions in the form of iron oxides make the stone seem black to the naked eye. Therefore, the stone is not really back per se but simply appears that way as a result of the inclusions. Black diamonds are usually opaque in appearance and this will be the type of black diamond most often seem although clear back diamonds do exist. The more transparent the black diamond may be, the rarer and more expensive it is as well.

Where do Black Diamonds Come From?

The type of rare gemstone can be found in a few different locations. Originally discovered in the mid-1800 in Brazil, these black diamonds are now popping up in additional places such as Africa, Venezuela and Australia. Although one can obtain a natural black diamond, they are also available in lab-created form.

An additional component to the rarity factor which is associated with black diamonds related to how they are believed to be formed. It is often stated that black diamonds are the result of a meteor impact upon the land and it is this collision which in turn creates the gemstone. This fascinating conjecture is one which makes the mystery surrounding the stone even more impressive.

Natural black diamonds are quite rare which makes them expensive and difficult to obtain. However, lab-created black diamonds are more readily. Available and ready for the general jewelry buying public to purchase. Black diamonds are be purchased through various avenues such as jewelry stores, auctions and through online vendors.

While these black diamonds are becoming more popular due to marketing tactics they are not seen widely nor do many people conceive having black diamonds in rings. This is likely due to the fact that the black diamonds don’t have the sparkling shininess that id evident with white diamonds. We all know the most wear diamonds for the look and what others will think. As with all fancy colored diamonds the formation of black diamonds is very uncommon making this a very expensive piece of jewelry to own. This diamond comes in many shapes and sizes. This sometimes creates a challenge for people to work with and on.

Because of its uniqueness and small market share, the cost is usually much higher than the standard diamond. We all know, that in part, it goes back to supply and demand. Regardless of the cost though there are some people who like to wear these black diamonds as men’s rings. This trend is very small. This could be due to the fact many jewelers consider these black diamonds as being imperfect stones and consequently not worth the time that it would take to cut and mold them. So if you would like to wear jewelry that has black diamonds embedded in them you will have to make inquiries from reputable jewelers if they have these gemstones n stock. You may find that this could pose a challenge because many jewelers just don’t carry the stone.

Black diamonds are unique and can make for a perfect gift or addition to your jewelry. When looking take your time and enjoy the process for you will be very happy with your new accessory.

In this way, a Black Ice Diamonds™ Black Diamond Necklace can be a subtle addition to any elegant attire.

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