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Diamonds - A Woman's Best Friend

Why Are Diamonds Women’s Best Friend?

Jewelry is valuable to women. While you may think of so many gifts from dresses to designer bags - a diamond - is the most valuable of all. Giving jewelry is personal and thoughtful. Being the costliest stone in the world, owning a diamond is the luxury only the rich can afford and average people dream of.

From ancient times to modern ones, numerous societal traditions have been built around jewelry and engagement/wedding jewelry exists in almost every single civilization.

Why the popular saying holds truth, that diamonds are women’s best friend? Here’s why:


Since almost forever, diamonds have been romanticized and it’s every girl’s dream to own one. If you observe advertisements and movies, a woman is bound to see diamonds wherever she turns. Diamonds are rare gems and they seem to be everywhere except in her possession. For most of them, their first diamond comes in the form of engagement ring and if it is in the form of any other jewelry item, you have surely won her heart. Giving a diamond to your loved one makes her dream come true.


Every woman wants to feel unique and special and people are unique in their own way. Diamonds are like that too because each diamond that is formed is unique. No two are the same. Thus, this makes diamond jewelry item more sentimental and irreplaceable.


Diamonds never get old. They are cherished and are always an ultimate fashion statement; wearing diamond does wonders to a woman’s ego. Wearing a diamond makes you feel stronger and more confident. The diamond empowers you and the sparkle adds a dazzling effect.


Diamonds sparkle and shimmer. No other stone or jewelry item looks as divine as the diamond simply because none can sparkle like a diamond does. This not only adds to the personality to the woman wearing it, but makes her shine. The sparkle is what a woman loves best in a diamond.

Being lasting and hardy, its shimmer and shine will remain if you maintain its cleanliness regularly. The sparkle won’t dull for years to come keeping it as good as new.


To fully understand the materialistic connotation of the popular statement diamonds are girl’s best friend, it is true because every woman wants to know that she will be leaving some heirlooms behind for her children. Diamonds are perfect to hold memories what better heirlooms to leave your children than diamonds?

A woman wants to own some pretty special diamonds for herself which are just not to be nestled in a velvet jewelry box. Diamond pieces are not only occasional wear for ladies but they happen to be a part of legacy she wants to leave behind for the coming generations.

This proves why diamonds have a repute of being the most special possession of women. While some may want to believe women being materialistic, the truth is that diamond has direct reflection on the person gifting it too!

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